How to Sell Your House in 2 Weeks or Less in Philadelphia, Pa!

Do you need to sell your house fast in Phildelphia, Pa or any surrounding County? How about in Delaware of South Jersey?? What if we told you that you could do it in just about 14 days?! At TriState Properties, we work with local homeowners to help them sell their properties fast no matter the condition or situation. You don’t have to feel stuck with an unwanted property or pay for an expensive listing. Pay for repairs, allow you home to sit on the market for months and never get a Homebuyer. Want to sell your house in two weeks or less? Here are some tips to help you do it!

List the House With a Local Philadelphia, Pa Area Real Estate Agent

Listing your house is a great way to get the word out that you want to sell, but very rarely can the process be completed in under two weeks. This process usually takes months. If your buyer requires financing, the banks typically take a while to get everything approved during the escrow process. Which can be an extreme hassle. There are inspections, appraisals, and negotiations to deal with. After these inspections you can be on the Hook for a lot of unforeseen repair costs. You can mention your preference for cash buyers in an effort to sell and close on the property faster, but it is rare to find a buyer in such a short amount of time. If you are able to find a cash buyer using the MLS, you may have to do a bit of negotiating in order to close as quickly as you would like.

Sell Your House On Your Own

If you need to sell your house fast, you can take the matter into your own hands! You can create advertising, show the house, answer potential buyer questions, and process the paperwork. Many people choose a for sale by owner listing (FSBO) to avoid commissions, but beware… if you aren’t experienced in real estate, parts of the process can be daunting. You’ll find out very quickly that properly advertising, showing, and selling a house can take a lot of work. Experts are best in this area. For some home sellers, the time, energy, and money simply aren’t worth it. This option is best left to those with direct experience in the Real Estate industry.

Sell Your House Directly to a Direct Cash Home Buyer

At TriState Properties, we are a trusted local Cash Homebuyer with a decade of experience. We are experts in every difficult situation. We pride ourselves on Win-Win situations throughout any transaction. We work with property owners to buy their houses outright. You will not have to wait on the banks, inspections, or for the right buyer to come along. We’ll make you a fair, straightforward, and no-hassle offer to sell your house for Cash quickly and walk away. NO stress, NO Hassle, NO Worry, NO Headaches. Once you consider the time and money you will save, you can quickly see how a direct sale can be worth it. TriState Properties is happy to make you a fair, no-obligation offer so you can see how it will stack up to your other selling options. We have an easy, smooth and Carefree process that allows any seller to sell your house fast in Philadelphia, Pa and any surrounding county as well as parts of Delaware and South Jersey.

Be Flexible

If you choose to search for a buyer for your property and still wish to sell fast, you’ll need to remain flexible and open to negotiation. Being Firm in price or anything else won’t allow you to get to the closing table. In some cases, it pays to offer a buyer credit or monetary incentive. You can offer to make repairs which can be very costly or pay for all of the closing costs. This is a very normal process in the Real Estate industry. In order to sell your house fast using traditional means, you should be prepared to bend a bit.

Before you make any decision about how to sell your house fast in Philadelphia, Pa or any surrounding county, it’s important to run the numbers first. Our expert team can help you run the numbers for your property specifically, ensuring you have all of the data you need to make the best decision for your situation.

Want to sell your house in two weeks or less? TriState Properties can help you to sell your house quickly, without any hassle or fuss. Take some time to learn more about your selling options and what they mean for you! Send us a message or give us a call today to learn more about our team and how we are helping home sellers throughout the Philadelphia, Pa area and surrounding Counties. Give us a Call now at 267-703-9956

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